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Monday, July 24, 2006

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Learning Adwords Empire

Learning Adwords Empire: "Hello Friends,

Learning Adwords from the internet gurus:

Remember what Jo Han Mok mentioned about the 3 main traffic generators? One of the ways is to buy the traffic, that means through Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC.

Remember what Ewen Chia mentioned on how to build list from his opt in page? One of the ways is to draw visitor to his opt in page through PPC.

Remember how Brett McFall get all the answers for his questions in his ask campaign for writing his scrabooking e-book? He got them all through PPC advertising. In fact, this is the exact same method used by Frank Kern and Ed Dale in their 'Underachiever' program.

Remember Tom Hua's tips on getting position No 2 is better then No 1, No 40 is better then No 8 etc? Yes, he is referring to PPC, particularly Google Adwords.

Why PPC is so popular among internet marketers? Well, some of the reasons being:

1. It drives instant, highly targeted traffic to your website
2. You have the control over who do you want to advertised to, where, when and how much you are
willing to pay
3. You pay only when you are getting traffics, hence the term 'pay per click'"

Posting my linked site

I have created a new website at www.adwordsmaster.com

This site is about Google Adowrds coaching

This blog is for Karen Tang

I created my 2nd blog dedicated to my beloved daugther Karen Tang who is 6 years old by the time of this writing.

Recently she is chosen by her kindergarden school to be auditioned for her graduation day speech, i'm giving her guides to improve her speech by practising daily, she loves it very much and motivated to do so, hope she will be selected by her teacher.